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As a extremely pleased owner of a Vitamix blender I have tweaked a few of the recipes in their most excellent cookbook to my tastes and they have been a hit with my family.


Note to Vitamix owners: I have learned the hard way to follow Vitamix recipes to the letter when trying a new recipe THEN tweak it to taste. My cook books are full of notations including how the originals and lower fat substitutions equate into Weight Watchers points. The best pen to make notations on the shiny paper is a fine Sharpie.


Additional note: I am not one for vegetable gardening, hence buying fresh produce is a quandary ie out of season produce is shipped from South American countries where pesticides banned in the United States, DDT (EW!!!) and the like, are perfectly legal and applied. Also produce that travels well is not necessarily the best nutritionally. I owned an orchard for ten years and consequently I am familiar with storing practices. The closer to home one’s food is grown the better. Another factor in choosing produce is cost. My last grocery shopping trip I compare the price of 11 ounces of Florida raised fresh spinach  at $4.99to a 10 oz frozen brick of generic chopped spinach from my neighboring state Minnesota at $1.29. The frozen spinach is a healthful deep green color and works fine in blender recipes, though I wouldn’t put it on a sandwich or in a salad, and personally I am more likely to finish a package of it before it goes bad. Fresh spinach takes up ALOT of room in the fridge compared to the medium sized coffee mug space the frozen spinach has blanched down to. My other substitution for fresh is a six pound can of diced tomatoes at $4.95 instead of buying fresh at $1.19 a pound. I stored this in a half gallon pitcher and it sits next to the gallon of dairy milk in the fridge door.


Don’t get me wrong, I admire vegetable gardeners. Both my Grandma Mae and Grandma Mary had large vegetable patches and I am well versed in freezing and canning produce, however at my time of life, 54 and no children at home, I work full time and have found the battle with the rabbits, voles, insects, etc is disheartening enough in the realm of flowers to deal with it in my kitchen as well.


I make large batches, storing leftovers for my lunches and snacks for work and at home in glasses with snap on lids. The smoothies do separate out but a quick vigorous shaking restores them.


The original of this recipe is found on page 65 of the Create Recipes cook book that came with my blender and is called Garden Fresh Cocktail. I call my version Virgin Mary Cocktail.



Makes six 10 oz servings


4 cups of canned tomatoes OR 6 medium fresh tomatoes


1/2 cup frozen spinach OR 2 cups of fresh spinach


1 cup of carrot, about 2 medium


2 stalks of celery


3 green onions


1 red bell medium pepper


2 spears of kosher dill pickle


1/2 cup of pickle juice


1/2 tsp cayenne powder OR 1 T of hot sauce


3 T Worcestershire Sauce


1 tsp of beef  base such as Better Than Bouillon brand


1 tsp celery seed


2 cups ice


Place ingredients in order listed into blender and process until liquefied.