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Monthly Archives: April 2013

The Sights and Sounds of Summer!

Green Bay Botanical Foliage Garden

April 19, 2013 Spring has STALLED in Wisconsin! Some Video Shares of Rippling Brooks at Green Bay Botanical Gardens to Lift Our Spirits….   I’ve completed my three sessions of docent training! Now I need to shadow a few tour groups, then I think I will be able to lead a tour at GBBG by Mid […]

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Winter Outdoor Seed Starting

1 startF

April 16, 2013 Cold and Snow No Problem according to blog post I’m trying out. Before I became a blogger myself I use a snipping tool to save instruction on how to create mini outdoor greenhouses so start seeds outdoors. I have tried to find the post I found on Pintrest but having failed I […]

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The Wisconsin Gardener

WI Gardener

April 12, 2013 Hummingbirds: Wisconsin Public Television’s Shelley Ryan Hosts a Great Show. I am so glad I started blogging: had I not looked up a story to share with you I would have missed out on this archive of shows! So many topics, please indulge yourselves!   I caught today’s Wisconsin Public Television rebroadcast featuring […]

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GOODWILL in the Garden


April 5, 2013 Aisles and Aisles of Sensibly Priced Garden Wares at Your Local Goodwill Store Ever since mid February I have made a habit of scouting Goodwill stores in the cities I have passed through, it is when they begin to stock their garden/warm weather merchandise. Often, once sold out, items are not replenished. For the […]

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