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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Winter Interest


March 18, 2013 Missouri Botanical Gardens When I think of the landscape style most appealing in winter’s cold and snow it is the oriental garden. With that in mind while planning my mid March route back to Wisconsin from West Texas I searched the web for public gardens. Was I in for a treat! Missouri […]

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Amarillo Botanical Gardens

me and Steve

March 14, 2013 Even In Early Spring a Delight. No other public garden in a 350 mile radius. Beginning as a nursery, The Amarillo Botanical Gardens occupies a four acre space within a city parkway. The utilization of every sqare inch is inspiring. My sister Lyn, me and my mom pictured here are enjoying a sunny day of […]

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Featured Players


March16, 2013 Choosing Trees and Shrubs of Exceptional Performance Serviceberry As in the case of the purchase of my trees frugal, economically mindful in expenditure and not wasteful of resources, can mean anything but cheap. I favor the enjoyment of trees that serve their purpose through out their very long lives with little care on my […]

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A ‘Frugal’ Disclaimer


March 12, 2013 Frugal: Economically mindful in expenditure and not wasteful of resources. Its root in Latin, frux, means produce or fruit. As you may have noticed in many of my expenditures I’ve shared thus far I reserve penny pinching in favor of getting the best performances out of my gardening budget. In my twenties […]

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Seed Starting


March 11, 2013 It’s not my Strong Suit but I get by. For the few plants I get out of a packet of seeds it is definitely worth my efforts to have a go at seed starting from time to time. I usually stick to the ones that have yielded the best results for me […]

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Artic Willow on a Standard

June 1

It was love at first sight. I thought I had the bones of my garden fleshed out but the diminutive stature of this tree convinced me I could not leave its blowsy pale dappled pink leaves out of my plan. I am so very glad I made the $120 investment. NOTE six years later I […]

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